3 Steps to Brewing a Better Cup of Coffee

Posted by Anthony Murphy on May 20, 2016 in Foodie Corner |


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To brew a perfect cup of coffee determines the full enjoyment of a fine coffee and for one to buy fine coffee the brewing must be done precisely. One can easily ruin a rather excellent coffee with improper brewing methods. Understanding what is going on during the brewing process from mixing the coffee with water until you get that perfect coffee is the first step to making the desired coffee. Understanding the processes that take place are also of value. Two major concepts are vital: maceration and percolation. Maceration means soaking of ground coffee in water whereas percolation is the process of allowing water to flow around the particles of the coffee beans. Find More about Coffee Frying at Deep Fry Me Blog.

There are 3 describes precise ways to brewing a perfect cup of coffee.

Step one: Grinding Your Beans

Purchase a quality burr grinder which is arguably the most important equipment one needs to add to the coffee making process. This is important because a better coffee tastes better when it is brewed immediately after grinding. The aggregate beans size is very crucial since they relate directly to the surface area exposed to the mass of hot water. If you don’t grind to finer aggregate size, the brewing will not be successful. Simply because the amount surface area in exposed to the mass of water will be least. The grind should not also be too fine there will be over extraction leading to the undesirable compound known as “bitters”. It is noted that when there is a consistent grind particle, more even extraction is allowed leading to a more balanced cup of great coffee. It is also important to note that the grind beans must be fresh. i.e within the period of 2weeks after roasting.

Step two: Using a digital scale

A digital scale, just as in the using of the ratio of scales in adding ingredients for a better taste, makes the coffee mixing process a crucial tool. The ratio of coffee to water will allow for consistency and repeatability of the process. It is advisable to use about 1.6 to 2 grams of whole coffee bean/fluid/ounce of water depending on the method of brewing. Make a greater coffee by mixing the right ratio scales of the beans and water. N/B weigh before you grind. The water weighed should be filtered and not tap water since tap water only gives “okay” coffee but not a perfect coffee. Different coffees from around the world will certainly have different densities due to their different physical sizes. Their roast profiles affect their weights as well; a scoop of a given gram may weigh differently on the same weighing scale even though they seem to be the same amount in the scoop. The precision of weight will, therefore, be determined by weighing coffee for consistency regardless of the level of roast.

Step three: graduate to better coffee brewing

Understand the water brewing temperatures. The brewing temperatures are always preferred to be kept between 910c (195F) and 960c (205F). The temperatures should not exceed 1000c. One can either decide to use manual coffee maker or automatic brewers.

Try those simple methods at home today and experience the best quality coffee. You will never go wrong when you do it right the first time.




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