11 of the World’s Best Cities for Coffee Lovers

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Americans are falling in love with coffee more each day. There are approximately 100 million coffee drinkers in the United States alone. Of that staggering number, it is estimated that one-third of coffee drinkers enjoy drinking gourmet coffee. Whether you live in America or in one of many other coffee-friendly cities around the globe you are in for a treat. Let’s take a look at 11 of the world’s best cities for coffee lovers.

1) Manila, Philippines – Manila is quickly becoming a major hotspot for coffee drinkers in the region. You will find a wide variety of delicious coffee drinks ranging from orange-infused cappuccino to a wide range of third wave coffee shops featuring wonderful aromas and world-class latte art.

2) Melbourne, Australia – If you are looking for something unique around every corner, then one of the many villages in Melbourne features everything you are dreaming of. With the different villages around the city, you will find a unique vibe to each one, which is reflected in the local coffee scene. Coburg is the place to go if you are in the mood for a traditional Turkish java, or if the hipster scene is more your style, head on over to Brunswick for great coffee smells and tastes.

3) Buenos Aires, Argentina – Buenos Aires is becoming an important city for coffee lovers to try exciting things as their coffee culture is newly blossoming. The newer generation of baristas in the city pride themselves on importing, roasting and grinding their own beans in order to serve up a local coffee to visitors that is truly special.

4) Vancouver, Canada – If you are looking for a wide variety of choices, then Vancouver is a great city for any coffee lover. The bustling city blocks feature multiple coffee shops which create a type of coffee and experience for any taste and personality imaginable. Vancouver is also a city that prides itself on its fair trade green coffee, so if a better environment is important to you, then Vancouver is a great choice.

5) Havana, Cuba – Visitors to Havana quickly learn that any time of day is the perfect time for coffee. If you want a great way to fuel up your afternoon, then try a classic CafĂ© cubano, which is a shot of dark roasted espresso which is brewed right onto sugar for a sweet delight that will satisfy most any coffee aficionado.

6) Oslo, Norway – If you get excited by a light roasting, then Oslo is the place to be. The local baristas in Oslo import, roast and grind their coffee beans with a light roast that will surely make you question your dark roasting tendencies. The light roasting still provides plenty of flavor that will leave you feeling satisfied and charmed.

7) Rome, Italy – Romans drink plenty of coffee, and you will love following suit when you visit this classic city. Regarded as the birthplace of cappuccino, Romans take great pleasure in drinking cappuccino just as much as any other beverage available to them. You can head to any local cafe and get a great coffee all while listening to the locals discuss their thoughts of the day.

8) Seattle, Washington – It’s almost impossible to have any coffee lovers list that does not include this Pacific Northwestern city. Seattle is the birthplace and headquarters for Starbucks and is directly responsible for many American coffee trends happening today. The choices in coffee shops are almost endless and should serve to satisfy any taste bud and personality.

9) Denver, Colorado – Many consider Denver to have some of the best tasting coffee in America. The coffee is derived from local beans and is expertly roasted and brewed by local baristas who take pride in offering wonderful coffee to fans of a wide variety of taste profiles.

10) Paris, France – Paris is one of those cities that you expect to find world-class coffee in. With the increasing amount of third wave coffee shops throughout the city, you should have no trouble finding a great cup of coffee, paired with a rich ambiance for a coffee experience unlike no other.

11) Providence, Rhode Island – Most people do not think of the smallest state in America as having a city filled with rich coffee culture. But Providence has something to offer for just about any coffee lover imaginable. The state drink is sweet coffee milk, which is a blend of espresso based coffee syrup, which has been added to a glass of milk. This wonderful drink will surely give you a nice burst of energy that you’ll need to explore the bustling art scene in the city.

Coffee drinkers have an almost endless variety of cities to visit to fulfill their coffee dreams. Whether you prefer something traditional or a coffee drink that goes far beyond the traditional, you should have no problem quenching your coffee thirst in any of these amazing cities.


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